The Sugarcrash Kids Musical

Hey Friends!

You may have been wondering where we've been lately... in fact, we've been getting lots of messages asking if and when we are going to do another season of the podcast. To that, we emphatically say 'Yes!!!'. The new season of The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast begins in May, and it's going to be mega fun! 

This year so far, we've been super busy working on a very special project: a Sugarcrash Kids Musical! We recently and serendipitously found ourselves in a relationship with a rad theatre company here in Orlando, and collaboratively we wrote Sugarcrash Kids & The Forgotten Island. 

The story takes place on the Isle of Hooglafair and features many of the well-loved characters from The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast. It debuts at The Orlando Fringe Festival on Thursday, May 19th.

Although many of the shows at The Fringe Festival are aimed at an adult audience (some with explicit content), the Sugarcrash Kids show is (obviously) geared towards kids and families. If you live in Central Florida, we'd LOVE for you and your family to come out! Tickets will be available at beginning April 18th. (More info here)

- Mr. Josh