Where are you from?

We all live in Seattle now (Ballard and Wallingford neighborhoods). We are originally from DC (Sarah), Richmond VA (Tom), South Dakota (Michael), Yakima WA (Jennie), Kirkland WA (Danny)

What is your favorite game to play together?


Your website says that you want to give kids their first ‘Rock Show’ experience. Why is that important to you?

We all remember our first rock shows. It’s what inspired us to become musicians. We want to inspire kids to be creative and follow their dreams. Plus rocking out is fun. It’s a joy to lose yourself in music and be in the moment.

We played your song ‘When I Fell’ on our recent podcast episode. I’m sure a lot of our listeners have gotten cuts or bruises this week - Do you have any advice for them?

Take some deep breaths. Get a hug from Mom or Dad. Get an ice pack and or band aid, then KEEP ON PLAYING!!!

How can our listeners find more of your music and more of what you do?