Season 2 | Episode 2: Meet Elska

Hey friends! You guys got to hear a song from our friend Elska on this week's episode of the show! Here's a closer look at Elska and her music. Thanks for stopping by!

- Mr. Josh


What is your favorite piece of clothing?

A: I love my colorful arctic cape.  It's made from pieces of string and wool, and sewn together by all of the lost socks on the island.  It's very brightly colored, so that whenever I am wandering through the black lava rocks or hiking through the snow - my friends can find me easily.

We often travel to the Isle of Hooglafair. I see that you’re from the Island of Elska. Can you tell us a bit more about the island?

A: The Island of Elska is a newly formed volcanic island on the edge of the Arctic Circle.  It bubbled up from lava that escaped through a crack on the ocean floor.  The island is covered in black lava rock and has black sand beaches.  Icebergs that float off-shore sometimes break apart and tiny pieces wash up on the black sand.  They look shiny like diamonds on the shore.

The island has one volcano in the center of the island named Mt. Flash.  It never erupts, although sometimes a small trickle of red lava spills over the side and glows under the stars at night.

We love your song called “I Just Had an Idea”! Why are ideas so important?

A:  Everyone has ideas and often times people have very different ideas from one another.  Ideas are important because they help us to make new things, find new medicines, write new songs, or find ways to connect with friends and people from around the world. When I have an idea, I sometimes can't wait to write it down in my journal or tell it to my friends.  They then listen to my idea and sometimes add to it!  Before you know it, we might be onto making a new project or singing a new song.

What is the coolest idea you’ve ever had?

A:  Moving onto an island where I could be totally at one with nature is definitely the coolest idea I have ever had.  But I can't take all the credit for that idea, as so many people throughout history have made the decision to return to a simpler way of life.  Sometimes we forget that we humans are animals and that we also have a natural environment that fits us perfectly. For me, that's a beautiful and pristine Arctic island. 

How can our listeners find more of your music and more of what you do?

A:  You can find my music, concert information, music videos and more at  My music is also available online through major digital platforms, and often playing on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live channel.