Interview with a Beautiful Family

So, the truth is, we're creating SCK Radio (our new iPhone/iPad app) for busy families who want the very best for their kids. It's for families who go out of their way to invite imaginative play and exploration; for those who value intuitive learning through music and storytelling. 

We recently had a chance to hang out with one of these families. When we pulled up to the McGrath home, it was very alive. Music was playing, snacks were set out; one kid was in the pool while another was practicing his skateboarding on the halfpipe... in all of the wonderful commotion, David and Amy took a few moments to sit down and let us ask them a few questions.

SCK: What does a typical day look like around here?

Amy: Oh man, schedules all over the place - and this is just the beginning because they're so young. We're taking one kid to school, one to the nanny, I work full time, David works full time, so... it's sort of chaos. It's a wonderful chaos though!

David: It's just amazing; there's no quiet time.

Amy: We love being in the backyard together. David and I debriefing on our day, the kids organized and a mess all at the same time. One is on the zipline, one is in the pool, another is dropping in at the skate ramp - it's just my favorite. I love the noise; I love the laughter.

David: When the kids are finally in bed, we kind of just look at each other like we made it. We did it. And that happens every single day.

SCK: What role does the imagination play in your family?

David: I think we realize as we get older that the creativity and imagination of all kids is so much greater than ours. It's kind of frustrating at times; it's like as we get older, we almost get less creative and less imaginative. We don't make up imaginary people or games anymore. We kind of become too old or mature for it.

Amy: One thing we love, because we're both in the field of education, is cultivating curiosity. And I love that our kids are curious about almost everything. We'll be driving in the car, and they want to know where people are going, what's under the hood, how they can make it...

SCK: So you mentioned 'cultivating curiosity'. How do you do that?

Amy: Nowadays, a lot of time for kids is spent on screen, so I think we have to be really intentional about making sure our kids are outside getting dirty - barefoot, running around and eating dirt, being outdoors - it's just fun! They're digital natives, and they're a part of a generation that is immersed in technology, but I also want to make sure that they're a part of this maker movement, getting their hands involved, and making something come to life. I want them to get their hands dirty instead of only watching things happen on a screen.

David: Curiosity is basically a natural inclination to want to ask a question. I think we've both decided that we don't simply want to answer our kids' questions, but we want to refer the question back to them and invite them to explore the answers.

Amy: Also, I think cultivating curiosity includes letting them tell stories, ask questions - letting them dream and tell you about their dreams... you have to affirm their stories and validate them in their dreams.

SCK: So, you've mentioned that your family loves the Sugarcrash Kids Podcast. What about the show do you enjoy?

Amy: We love the show! We listen to it primarily in the car - it's become our favorite way to get from Point A to Point B. Mr. Josh and Robyn the Bird are famous in our car, and especially to me, because it's a always a crazy morning and everyone is screaming until I put the show on... it's been a really fun piece to the school year!

David: It's true. Sugarcrash Kids is literally chanted for - not only by our kids, but also by the kids we're taking to school.

Amy: I love that it's so organic. After the kids listen, I have other moms calling me to ask what Sugarcrash Kids is, and the followup later is always 'This was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing...' They always want to know how to get more.

SCK: It's rad that you guys love the show so much! How do the kids respond to the different stories, songs, characters, etc...?

Amy: I find that the kids put themselves in the shoes of the characters, what they would have seen and done... it's imaginations gone wild. The show is so rich in detail, and it creates awesome visuals for the kids. It's fun as a parent to watch them share what they thought about during the shows and what they would've done differently... In terms of learning moments, as a teacher, I'm always like 'score!' - it's great.

David: I think the key is that they hear other kids. When they can hear kids speaking and singing the songs, they can put themselves into a lot more of it than they could if it was just adults... 

Amy: There's not a lot out there right now that leaves room for the imagination. Kids are traditionally not that great at listening to podcasts because they're used to seeing exactly what characters look like, how they act - it's somebody else's imagination played out. My favorite part of the Sugarcrash Kids Podcast is that there is so much room for them to take it personally and create their own characters in their heads. It's a lot of fun to watch.

SCK: Are you guys excited about the SCK Radio app that's coming out? 

Amy: We are very excited. Can't wait.

SCK: Thanks for taking the time with us! And thanks for supporting Sugarcrash Kids!

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Thanks for reading and being rad.

- Mr. Josh