Season 2 | Episode 9: Meet Recess Monkey

What is one thing besides music that you all like to spend time doing together?

We're pretty much always making music in one way or another while we're together: we play roughly 125 shows a year and are always in some part of the process of writing, recording or making music videos for new songs. We

What is your favorite children's book?

Drew: As a kid I always loved The Velveteen Rabbit. In my first and second grade class we're reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin and it's one of my new favorites!

Jack: Oh man, that's like picking your favorite child! A couple that come to mind right away are: Ferdinand, the gentle bull who preferred to sniff the wild flowers than bullfight and Locomotive by Brian Floca, this really awesome depiction of what a trans-continental train trip was like in the mid 1800s.

Korum: My kids and I really have fun reading "Iggy Peck, Architect" by author Andrea Beaty and illustrator David Roberts. The illustrations are fantastic and the story is sweet and silly.

Where is the coolest place you have ever visited?

Drew: I really love canyon lands for their amazing rock formations and super starry nights. 

Jack: I was a camp counselor at a beautiful summer camp in Malibu California called Camp Hess Kramer. Literally ON the ocean with eucalyptus trees blowing in the breeze and a lot of nice people really relieved to have escaped the city. It's where I decided to become a teacher.

Korum: The San Blas Islands in Panama (called Kuna Yala by the indigenous group that lives there) were amazing. We sailed there on our sailboat and got to know the locals quite well. There are over 300 islands in the archipelago, some just a spot of sand with a single palm tree, just like a comic strip or something.

We just showcased your song ‘Lighter Than Air’ on our most recent podcast episode. If you could be any flying thing, what would you be?

Korum: No question about it, I'd want to be a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. That plane was first used in 1966 and it's still the coolest looking thing on the planet. I've dreamt of flying in one since I was 8.

Jack: Definitely a fruit fly. Those things are more reckless than Luke Skywalker behind the wheel of an X-wing.

Drew: As for flying things, I'd probably want to be a UFO-I'd love to see the wonders of space up close!

How can our listeners find more of your music and more of what you do?

We have tons of music videos, streaming music and more at our website: We do frequent music giveaways on our Facebook page: And SiriusXM subscribers can hear our bassist MC Jack Forman's live call-in show "Live From the Monkey House" Monday through Thursday afternoons on Kids Place Live: