Why I Wrote Lullabies. Part I

'God Loves You and I Do Too' is the last track on the Sugarcrash Kids record, but it's the first children's song I ever wrote.

Since they were born, my wife and I have made it a priority to always sing to our kids before they fall asleep. Over a couple of years, we gathered a handful of sweet songs with pretty lyrics to use as lullabies, but there didn't seem to be any one song out there that encapsulated the things we really wanted to say. So I asked myself this question: If there was one thing you'd want your kids to hear every single night as they're falling asleep, what would that be? 

Sam and Hadley. This is one of my favorite pics I've taken of them. It's from the winter of 2013.

Sam and Hadley. This is one of my favorite pics I've taken of them. It's from the winter of 2013.

The answer was simple, but it was HUGE: God loves you and I do too.

I knew that, if they could digest and believe this one statement (none of us fully can), they'd be okay. Actually, they would thrive. Despite the fact that believing you are fully loved and accepted is a very hard thing to do, I knew I had to do my best to help them believe it. So, I came up with a plan: I'm going to say it to them and sing it to them every single day.

Recently, I've had a couple of people tell me that they have been singing 'God Loves You and I Do Too' to their kids at bedtime.

First of all, whoa! I am honored to have written something that has entered such a special time between parents and their kids (I don't take that lightly). Secondly, I'm encouraged because the whole goal of Sugarcrash Kids was to create something that kids could enjoy with their parents (and vice versa). It's about FAMILY: that's the word I kept coming back to, the word that made me say Yep, I'm gonna create something...

To make a short story long, I wanted to be of help. Below is the chord chart with lyrics for 'God Loves You and I Do Too'. Pull out the guitar, ukelele, or Didgeridoo (look that one up), and sing to those kiddos of yours. The image below will open to a printable pdf of the chart. 

Thanks for being here!

Joshua 'Mr. Josh' Pearson